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Mandarin TV Club Recap

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

In April, we “traveled to China” to speak Mandarin with Prince of Tennis on Netflix.

Who attended?

We had 4 people total who signed up for Mandarin month, a small group but great conversation! These attendees represented 3 different countries. Most of the attendees were new, so they got to have a special first-time experience at the Language TV Club.

4 people in zoom meeting attending Mandarin TV Club


We discussed a range of topics, some planned and some spontaneous, including:

  • Dating in middle/high school

  • Tennis

  • New vocabulary

  • Nosy parents

  • Interesting foods

Personal review of the show:

Prince of Tennis is a show about a freshman in high school who has just joined the tennis team, but has excellent skills so that he's able to become a key player and compete against other schools. His father was a famous tennis player when he was young. The relationship between Lu Xia and his father is interesting to watch and learn about. The show also has fun, cute and emotional relationships between Lu Xia, other players, and a female classmate. The series originates from a Manga series, so there are special effects added in to the live-action during the tennis matches that make it really fun to watch.

I haven't yet finished Prince of Tennis because it has 40 episodes and we only watched 1-8. I think I will continue watching the series to see how Lu Xia evolves throughout the season.

4 people in zoom meeting attending Mandarin TV club

What did members have to say?

“This month I hung out with Language TV club in Mandarin and it was so much fun!”

“Lauren was a wonderful host and created a really encouraging and supportive environment.”

“Your PDF (Episode Guide) was so impressive.”

Would you recommend Language TV Club to others? 100% of those who responded: YES

If you’re feeling 很伤心 that you missed out on Mandarin month, don’t fret. We’ll have another one sometime soon! Subscribe to stay updated about any changes and when future clubs are ready to book. Check out the other languages we currently have available here.

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