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At some point in your language-learning journey, the apps and books won't bring you more progress. You need real experiences with the language.

But the true value of a language learning program is the community that comes with it. Having access to a community of like-minded people who are all striving to learn the same language is invaluable and can help keep you motivated.

This introductory pricing won't last long.

Start your plan today!

Are you ready to start using your language?

French, Spanish, Italian, and German TV Clubs

  • Core Membership

    Every month
    • Unlimited attendance at Spanish, French, Italian or German
    • 50% off other languages
    • Access to Members only group
    • Monthly Members Only Social
    • Free structured review session following the end of a series
    • More perks coming!
    • Cancel anytime
  • Core membership 6mo

    Every 6 months
    SAVE 10%
    • Same benefits as Core Membership
    • Paid every 6 months
    • Cancel anytime
  • Best Value

    Core Membership 1yr

    Every year
    SAVE 25% with one annual payment
    • Same benefits as monthly plan
    • Paid annually
    • Cancel anytime

*All plans automatically renew. Read plan policy for details. Clubs for other languages are paid through booking. You must have a plan (core) for Italian, German, Spanish or French, unless you have remaining sessions from an old plan.

Upcoming TV Clubs

Club Schedule
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