My Language TV Club Experience

(Read this guest post by Jamie from Multilingual Mastery to hear about her own personal experience participating in the Language TV Club.)


Honestly, there are plenty of ways to learn a language by watching TV - both specific resources meant for language learners, and just jumping into Netflix and picking a show - but the Language TV Club is totally unique. Not only does Language TV Club help language learners of all backgrounds make connections and have deep, authentic conversations, but it’s also got a goldilock’s level of structure: not so structured that it’s boring, but not so flexible that you end up not using it.

So when there was a month of Spanish Language TV club where I had a few Spanish language learning friends already planning to join, I had no reason to not give it a shot for myself! Spoiler alert: I was surprised by how enjoyable it was!

In this post, I’ll take you through my own Language TV Club experience: what I expected, what really happened, and how to know if Language TV Club is right for you!

The language club for foreign language TV

I had been impatiently waiting for the Language TV club to offer Spanish for a month (since they offer a different language every month), so as soon as I got the email announcing a new month of Spanish Language TV club, I didn’t hesitate to join.

This month it was decided we were going to watch Desenfrenadas. Desenfrenadas is a show on Netflix about a group of 20-something friends going on a trip when they spontaneously pick up a stranger who changes their plans completely. The language in the show is super casual/informal/realistic which I loved; more formal language is great, but it’s not as interesting to me personally.

I was kind of worried because I’m most confident in Castilian Spanish (from Spain), but Desenfrenadas is Mexican! Suffice to say I was not confident in my abilities, but I decided to give it a shot anyways. I wasn’t about to let something like an accent get in the way of me enjoying my Spanish language learning, especially when I could easily use subtitles!