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About Us

Language TV Club was born out of Polyglot Station, a site dedicated to connecting people through language-learning.


I created Language TV Club because I found a need for this service after having too many experiences when I watched a show in Chinese, then had no close friends to discuss the show with. The exciting plot twists and new phrases learned quickly faded away once the TV clicked off. I wanted to practice my new Chinese skills with someone who could share the same experience. So I invite you to join me.


You might have anxiety about speaking your new language in front of others. Language TV Club alleviates this fear by providing a safe and inviting environment, always kept to less than 10 participants per meeting. An Episode Guide is also provided before each meeting to help prepare you with useful vocabulary and practice questions. This decreases speaking anxiety immensely by allowing you to practice and feel comfortable with your group. I look forward to having you in the club and traveling the world through languages with you!

Virtual Team Meeting
italian tv club zoom meeting, 5 people attending language tv club
Italian TV Club small group discussing Il Processo from Netflix
faded map of the world
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