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Spanish TV Club Recap

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

In March, we “traveled to Mexico” to speak Spanish with Desenfrenadas on Netflix.

Who attended?

We had 14 people total who signed up for Spanish month, which was split into two groups. These attendees represented 4 different countries (Brazil, USA, Canada, Italy). There were both new attendees and experienced Language TV Club members. We also had a special guest host for the first group of week one, Renee from Local Lengua.


We discussed a range of topics, some planned and some spontaneous, including:

  • Mexican slang, including qué pedo and valer verga

  • Classism and stereotypes in Mexico

  • The many gems of Oaxaca

  • Relationships and friendship

  • The modern role of parteras

  • Traditional drinks of Mexico

  • The positive and negative backgrounds of each character and how that has influenced who they have become

Personal review of the show:

Desenfrenadas is a show about 3 friends who meet a fourth friend in an unconventional way during their spontaneous road trip. The 4 friends then experience a variety of circumstances that lead them to learn a lot about who they are and how they fit into the world.

I enjoyed Desenfrenadas very much. There were highs and lows, drama and peace. I do wish that they had taken more time to play out some of the final scenes. It felt a bit rushed. There also does not seem to be a second season coming out, which leaves a lot of business not entirely wrapped up. I would be interested to see how these four ladies move on with their lives given the big changes they have just made.

What did members have to say?

“Even if the first couple episodes of a show are a little hard to follow, it'll get easier once you get familiar with the context of the show and the different characters' vocal patterns.”

“Loved the series, great choice! Can’t wait for future events.”

“Great choice of show; appreciated the female focus and the short episodes.”

Would you recommend the Language TV Club to others? 100% responded YES

If you’re feeling muy triste that you missed out on Spanish month, don’t fret. We’ll have another one later this year! Subscribe to stay updated about any changes and when future clubs are ready to book. Or check out the other languages we currently have available here.

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