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Improve Your Italian with Generation 56K

Watching Generation 56K to improve your Italian? Use this information to help you while watching this Netflix series. Learn vocabulary and the history behind the series. Improve your Italian by following our strategies for learning with TV shows. Divertiti!

Pertinent Vocabulary

Here are some helpful vocabulary words to learn in order to discuss the popular Netflix series, Generazione 56K.

appuntamento - date

fa schifo - it’s gross, disgusting OR it sucks

dare buca - to stand someone up

rimpianto - regret

un’app di dating - a dating app

la infanzia - childhood

buttare - throw away, throw out

noleggiare - to rent out

scema - idiot, fool

Practice writing some sentences with these words. When you hear one of these words in the show, repeat the sentence aloud and write it down to help you remember it.

Cultural Research

Dive deeper into the cultural background and history of this Netflix series. Have you ever been to Napoli?

Additional Learning Methods

Improve your Italian at beginner, intermediate or advanced level by following the suggestions in our blog post:

Not quite there yet? Learn 75 Italian core words to start building simple sentences:

We typically host Italian TV Clubs once per quarter. Check out the schedule or see if a club is ready to book now on our booking page. Spero di conoscerti presto!

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