8 Strategies to Improve Language Learning with T.V. Shows

Updated: Jan 11

Are you learning a language through tv shows? We want to help you do it better.

Here we'll outline 8 easy strategies you can use to learn a language with your favorite T.V. shows.

Man with remote watching foreign language t.v. shows

1. Pick a show you enjoy

This is so important. If you don’t pick a show that you enjoy, your fun learning now turns into WORK. This may lead to decreased motivation. If this happens, chances are you will give up this activity sooner and not be as consistent. Without consistency, your likelihood of recalling words and concepts learned in a previous episode will definitely drop. Also, if you’re enjoying the show, you’ll want to watch it MORE, which means more time with your target language and more repetition of the words related to that show’s subject.

With a preferred topic, you may also learn more vocabulary. Studies have found that students learning vocabulary with preferred topics acquire greater vocabulary. So pick a show that you enjoy. Do you usually like to watch fantasy, sports, cooking, romance? Start there. Then you’ll be able to talk about these topics with greater confidence too.

remote with option for subtitles and language