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Language Learning with Netflix: Update to the LLN Chrome Extension and What to Do With It

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

**UPDATE** Language Learning with Netflix is now called Language Reactor

How to Download the Language Reactor Chrome Extension

To download the Chrome extension, you can go to:

Language Reactor

or directly to the Chrome store at:

Just click on the button to download the extension. Now it should be available when you open Netflix or Youtube in your browser.

***This extension is currently only for Google Chrome, but they are working on extensions for Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

Here are some related extensions for other browsers:

Microsoft Edge - eLang: Learn languages with Netflix & Youtube

Mozilla FireFox - Wordzzz — Translate words & subtitles

(I can’t say much about these extensions because I have not used them myself.)***

opening netflix on laptop to learn languages, lantern next to laptop, dark room

How to Operate the Language Reactor Chrome Extension

Log into your Netflix account in your Chrome browser.

Press the purple LR button on the bottom by the volume button. Turn it to ON. Then use the Settings gear button to choose your preferred languages for the dual subtitles.

Other settings you can choose from:

  • Show human translation if available

  • Hiding the subtitles

  • Vocabulary highlighting & highlighting saved words

  • Playback speed (slower, normal, or faster at different speeds)

  • Showing/hiding various controls

  • Shortcuts for right/left click and mouse hover

  • Showing subtitles in a list on the right, and below or in the middle of the video

  • Font settings

You can also choose between Basic mode and Pro mode. What you get with Pro mode includes:

  • Machine translations

  • Ability to save words (this can be really helpful for flashcard lovers, as these lists can be exported to Anki! *update: flashcards are coming soon)

  • Subtitles for dubbed movies

  • You get to show your support for the developers!

When using the extension, you can:

  • Hover over or click a word to see its translation

  • Left click a word to see the dictionary and speak the word

    • 6 different online dictionaries (Wordreference, Glosbe, etc) are connected to each word, so you can compare the definitions and translations

  • Right click a word to save it (if you have Pro mode)

  • Automatically pause the playback after every subtitle

  • Repeat the previous subtitle

  • Skip back to the previous subtitle or ahead to the next subtitle

This extension also now works for Youtube and website pages, so enjoy even more content!

searching for shows to use Language learning with netflix on chrome browser on mac laptop

How to use the Language Reactor Chrome extension to improve your language learning

Ok, so now you’ve downloaded the Chrome extension and you know how to operate it. But what should you actually DO with it?!

Things to consider:

  • Do you learn well with flashcards? If so, you may want to splurge on the pro mode and make some vocabulary lists this way.

  • What is your language level?

    • For advanced learners:

      • You probably don’t need dual subtitles. I would pass on using the LR extension and just use the original subtitles to find new words or practice listening comprehension without subtitles.

    • For intermediate learners:

      • You may find the dual subtitles and immediate dictionaries helpful. Or, your native language may distract you from the target language.

    • For beginners:

      • I think this extension could be very helpful, particularly the automatic pause playback setting, playback speed, and the “repeat the previous subtitle” button.

What you can do:

  • Use the automatic pause playback feature to practice shadowing. Shadowing is a strategy of repeating the native speaker’s sentences immediately following them. This way, you can practice your pronunciation, rhythm and intonation, and practice speaking those new words in context.

  • Use the “skip back to previous subtitle” button to repeat something you may have missed or to speak in unison with the character.

  • Activate the list feature (vertical view). Seeing the subtitles on the side of the screen, like a transcript, allows your mind to mentally prepare for upcoming sentences. This gives you more processing time to understand longer or more complex sentences.

  • If you’re a flashcard fanatic, use Pro mode to save lists of vocabulary and upload them to an Anki deck.

  • If you're a beginner, use a slower playback speed to practice listening. Try to hear each individual word.

  • Try to only use your native subtitles when necessary. Keep your eyes on your target language! If you find yourself just reading your native language, turn off the LR extension and try without.

I hope this helps you learn languages with Netflix! Join our Language TV Club to put what you’ve learned into practice and improve your speaking confidence! Have fun!

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