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Get Cozy with Language TV Club Gear

It's time to cuddle up.

Grab your blanket, your pillow and your mug of warm tea. Let's watch some TV and learn some languages!

All items are available in the Polyglot Station Shop.

I absolutely love this pillow. It is super comfy and fits perfectly under my head if I lay sideways or behind the small of my back if I am sitting up, maybe typing language notes.

small rectangle dark turquoise pillow with Watch TV  Learn Languages in black and the Language TV Club logo on the other side

This blanket is way softer than I expected and very large: 60 inches by 80 inches.

Language TV Club throw blanket, dark torquoise with language tv club logo and watch tv learn languages in red

What would you like to put in your Language TV Club mug? Coffee? Tea? Hot chocolate?

white and yellow mug with Language TV Club logo and Watch TV Learn Languages on the other side

Head to the Polyglot Station Shop to purchase your own and show your support and love for the Language TV Club. If you're not interested in the above products, there are plenty of other language-loving options to choose from, including t-shirts!

Are there any other Language TV Club products you'd like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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