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Spanish: 75 Core Words

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

lighted sign saying Hola , which is Hello in Spanish

Use these core words to create your first simple sentences in Spanish. Read the word, the translation and see the example sentences to see how the words are used. Have fun!

Hint: Spanish uses feminine and masculine, requiring different articles (“the” = el/la) and word endings for adjectives. Don’t forget that verbs are conjugated differently for I/you/we/they/he/she/you formal and plural, but we’ll just cover the verb endings for “I” (yo) here, in present form and give you the infinitive in ( ). In Spanish, it is not necessary to state a pronoun unless there could be confusion over who the subject of the sentence is. You’ll see this reflected below.

Social Words

yes - sí

no/not - no

thank you - gracias

please - por favor

hello - hola

good-bye - adiós


I/me - yo

my - mi/mis

you, you pl. - tú, vosotros

you formal - usted

he - él

she - ella

we - nosotros

they - ellos/ellas

Question Words

what - qué

when - cuándo

where - dónde

who - quién

why - por qué

how - cómo


I am - (ser) soy

I am - (estar) estoy

do/make - (hacer) hago

can - (poder) puedo

have - (tener) tengo

go - (ir) voy

stop - (parar) paro

look - (mirar) miro

open - (abrir) abro

close - (cerrar) cierro

eat - (comer) como

drink - (beber) bebo

help - (ayudar) ayudo

want - (querer) quiero

need - (necesitar) necesito

say - (decir) digo

know - (saber) yo sé

come - (venir) vengo

read - (leer) leo

like - (gustarse) me gusta…

believe - (creer) creo

work - (trabajar) trabajo

play - (jugar) juego

give - (dar) doy

wait - (esperar) espero

Descriptive words

more - más

one - uno/una

big - grande

little - pequeño/a

fast - rápido

slowly - lento

same - mismo

different - diferente

pretty - bonito/a

red - rojo/a

blue - azul

yellow - amarillo/a

good - bueno/a

new - nuevo/a

old - viejo/a

happy - feliz

sad - triste

very - muy


at - a

on - en

under - debajo de


this - esto/a

that - eso/a

some - algunos/as

all - todo/a, todos, todas


and - y

but - pero


now - ahora

here - aquí

there - allí


Cómo está(s)? How are you?

Estoy bien. I’m good.

Quiero jugar. I want to play.

¿Dónde está (él)? Where is he?

Está allí. He is there.

Le gusta esperar. She likes to wait.

No le gusta esperar. She does not like to wait.

Quién es usted? Who are you?

¿Cuándo vamos a comer? When are we going to eat?

¿Qué quieres beber(tomar)? What do you want to drink?

Dame eso por favor. Give me that please.

no/not - nojos. All are

No sé. I don’t know.

Gracias! Adiós! Thank you! Goodbye!

Have fun making your first Spanish sentences and share your sentences with us on Instagram! Tag us @languagetvclub. Or send us an email at

If you're way past the core words phase, think about joining us for Spanish TV Club. I'd love to see you there!

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