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Portuguese TV Club Recap

In August, we “traveled to Brazil” to speak Portuguese with Cidade Invisível on Netflix.

A big thank you goes to our guest host, Joe. His insight into the history of Brazilian folklore was captivating and helped tremendously with understanding the concepts in the show. You can learn more about Joe on his website here.

Who attended?

We had 5 people total who signed up for Portuguese month. These attendees represented 3 different countries. Some attendees were new and some were TV club veterans.


We discussed a range of topics, some planned and some spontaneous, including:

  • Brazilian folklore

  • Brazilian history

  • Other legends and fairy tales from childhood

  • Relationships

  • Believing

  • Haunted houses/Scary movies

Personal review of the show:

Cidade Invisível is a show about a man whose wife has just died mysteriously in the forest. He ends up in a series of dangerous situations with these beings who are not quite human. You get to meet a few interesting legends, such as Curupira, Saci, Cuca, a siren, and a few others. The main character learns a few secrets about his family as well.

I love these kinds of shows that blend the mythical creatures with realistic human life, so I, of course, enjoyed it. I think that each character could have been developed a bit more, but there will be a second season! So maybe we will get to dive deeper into each of these legendary beings. I recommend it, for the very least, to learn about the folklore of Brazil.

4 people in zoom meeting attending Mandarin TV club

What did members have to say?

“Joe was a superlative moderator: providing insights, ensuring everyone participated, adjusting the questions per the participants' level."

"I will be glad to sign up whenever Joe is leading the group!"

Would you recommend Language TV Club to others? 100% of those who responded: YES

If you’re feeling triste that you missed out on Portuguese month, don’t fret. We’ll have another one in the future! Subscribe to stay updated about any changes and when future clubs are ready to book. Check out the other languages we currently have available here.

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