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Learn German with Dark

Watching Dark to improve your German? Use this information to help you while watching this Netflix series. Learn vocabulary and the history behind the series. Improve your German by following our strategies for learning with TV shows. Enjoy!

Dark is a great series, but can be challenging for learning German because there is a lot of technical vocabulary related to time travel and did you say, alternate universes? But, there is also a lot of great everyday vocabulary as well. Additionally, the episodes are pretty long and complex. I recommend watching it with our German TV Club if available. If not, use this blog post to help you or find an exchange partner or tutor to help you.

Pertinent Vocabulary

Here are some helpful vocabulary words to learn in order to discuss the popular Netflix series, Dark.

Das AKW (Atomkraftwerk) - nuclear power plant

Der Höhle - cave

Verschwinden - to disappear

Das Opfer - victim

Der Hinweis - clue/hint

der Stromausfall - power outage

verstrahlen - to give off radiation

durchsuchen - to look through/search

der Verdächtigter/die Verdächtigte - suspect

auslöschen - to eradicate/erase

in sich zusammenfallen - (13:06) - to collapse in on itself

die Herkunft/die Entstehung/die Ursprung - origin

der Auslöser - catalyst/trigger

eigenartig=merkwürdig - strange

unausweichlich - inevitable

das Schlupfloch - loophole

“In der Lauf der Dinge eingreifen” – to interfere in the course of things

“Der Zweck rechtfertigt nicht alle Mittel” – the end doesn’t justify the means

“Der Unterschied zwischen Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft ist nur eine Illusion, wenn auch eine hartnäckige” – The difference between Past, Present and Future is only an illusion, albeit a stubborn one. – Albert Einstein

Practice writing your own sentences with these words. When you hear one of these words in the show, repeat the sentence aloud and write it down to help you remember it.

trail in a dark forest, like in the netflix series dark

Idiomatic Expressions

There are a few idiomatic expressions used in this series.

Season 1

  • Willst du jetzt Wurzeln schlagen? - "Do you want to take roots?" - "Are you going to be here forever?"

  • Hier sagen sich Fuchs und Hase gute Nacht – Here the fox and the rabbit wish each other good night - refers to the fact that Winden is so peaceful i.e. nothing ever happens there, that even the fox and the rabbit wish each other good night.

  • Ihr beide habt euch kaputtgelacht – lit. You both laughed yourselves broken i.e. you were both laughing hysterically

  • das Versuchskaninchen lit. „experimental rabbit“- guinea pig; subject in experiment

Season 2

  • fressen wie ein Scheunendrescher - (coll.) to eat like a horse

  • Ihr habt sie doch nicht mehr alle - (coll.) You are all crazy

German person holding sign in German saying there is no planet b

Cultural Research (and other helpful info)

Dive deeper into the cultural background and history of this Netflix series. Would you like to visit Winden?

Credits go to Etai and Gabriela for finding and translating this vocabulary and other information for our Episode Guides. Thank you both!

Now get to learning! Tick tock...

Additional Learning Methods

Improve your German at beginner, intermediate or advanced level by following the suggestions in our blog post:

Currently, German TV Club is scheduled to take place in August and September 2022 to discuss season 3 of Dark. Check out the schedule or see if a club is ready to book now on our booking page. Hope to see you soon!

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