Improve Your French with Lupin

Watching Lupin to improve your French? Use this information to help you while watching this Netflix series. Learn vocabulary and the history behind the series. Improve your French by following our strategies for learning with TV shows. Amusez-vous bien!


Pertinent Vocabulary

Here are some helpful vocabulary words to learn in order to discuss the popular Netflix series Lupin.

cambrioleur/voleur - thief

piège - trap

balancer - to denounce or report someone

déguisements - costumes, disguises

oseille, pognon, fric - money

tromper, niquer - to trick, to deceive

pincer, coincer - to catch someone who has committed a crime

la paperasse - paperwork

flic, gendarme, policier - police officer

Practice writing some sentences with these words. When you hear one of these words in the show, repeat the sentence aloud and write it down to help you remember it.