German: 75 Core Words

Updated: May 31, 2021

drawer full of papers with mandarin chinese characters

Use these core words to create your first simple sentences in German. Read the word, the translation and see the example sentences to see how the words are used. Have fun!

Hint: German uses feminine, masculine and neutral, requiring different articles (“the” = der/die/das). German also has a formal “you” (Sie) and a less formal “you” (du) as well as plural formal “you” (sie) and plural informal “you” (ihr). Don’t forget that verbs are conjugated differently for I/you/we/they/he/she/you formal, but we’ll just cover the verb endings for “I” (ich) here, in present form and give you the infinitive in ( ). German grammar is pretty complicated, so we’ll just keep things simple here for this exercise.

Social Words

yes - ja

no/not - nein/nicht

thank you - danke

please - bitte

hello - hallo

good-bye - auf Wiedersehen


I/me - ich/mich/mir