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French TV Club Recap

In May, we “traveled to France” to speak French with Lupin on Netflix.

Who attended?

We had 12 people total who signed up for French month, split into two groups. These attendees represented 4 different countries. Some attendees were new and some were TV club veterans.


We discussed a range of topics, some planned and some spontaneous, including:

  • Interesting stories from French history

  • Dating/relationships

  • Parenting

  • Schemes

  • Stereotypes

  • Police investigations

Personal review of the show:

Lupin is a show about a man, Assane, in Paris who has learned from the French book series Arsène-Lupin: Gentleman Cambrioleur and turned this knowledge into the way he earns money. He is also looking to avenge his father or at least, investigate the crime he was convicted for. This show is very interesting and his schemes are so complicated and well-planned out, it's amazing how quickly he does it, and surprising when you realize he's planned this outcome the whole time. Assane is very charming and you will quickly be rooting for him!

The second part of Lupin comes out later this week! I will definitely watch it when I get the chance.

4 people in zoom meeting attending Mandarin TV club

What did members have to say?

“Great to talk about something I don't usually discuss with my French exchange partners. To have some homework, to have a vocab list”

“Definitely helped my vocabulary and putting together more complex sentences."

“It was an excellent experience.”

Would you recommend Language TV Club to others? 100% of those who responded: YES

If you’re feeling très triste that you missed out on French month, don’t fret. We’ll have another one in October! Subscribe to stay updated about any changes and when future clubs are ready to book. Check out the other languages we currently have available here.

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