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Club Host Spotlight: Gosia

Welcome back to the Club Host Spotlight!

Here we highlight a few of our wonderful Language TV Club hosts. We are so amazed by them that we wanted to make sure you knew how awesome they are and how you can get in touch with them or check out their own language-learning services.

Next up, we have Gosia!

Language TV club host holding chicken in Poland

Gosia is a native Polish speaker who loves foreign languages and has studied a few of them to varying levels of proficiency.

She is a translator and copywriter by profession and a writer and reader by passion. Since she loves learning languages so much, she has decided to use her experience as a learner to help folks who are studying Polish to connect with the language through storytelling. To stay in touch with her (and to get a free Story Workbook in Polish!) sign up for her newsletter:

You can also follow her on Instagram: @polishstories where she posts inspiration for Polish language learners and her own journey as a language geek, and also, animals, because she loves them.

Polish TV Club zoom session with 4 attendees smiling

Gosia has been a phenomenal Language TV Club host and a lovely member. She has hosted Polish TV Club two times to date. First, she helped us make sense of Znaki (Signs). Then, she guided us through an interesting drama called Rojst (The Mire) and is planning to host the second season of Rojst in October! Gosia’s experience in learning languages makes her a very understanding TV club host, being able to help members of different levels.

What TV club members have to say about Gosia:

“Gosia was wonderful! Extremely patient, kind, warm and welcoming, especially considering my Tarzan Polish.”

“Gosia was the best host I could hope for, always in a good mood and ever so helpful with each of us.”

Want to join Gosia for a Polish TV Club? Head to the booking page to see if it is currently available. Have some great things to say about Gosia? Leave your comment below!

Thank you Gosia for being such a wonderful Language TV Club host!

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