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Club Host Spotlight: Etai

Welcome to a new blog series called the Club Host Spotlight!

Here we will be highlighting a few of our wonderful Language TV Club hosts. We are so amazed by them that we wanted to make sure you knew how awesome they are and how you can get in touch with them or check out their own language-learning services.

First up, we have Etai!

Etai, a German TV Club host, wearing a blue shirt, sitting in front of a brick wall

Etai is insatiably curious, with a passion for serving others, understanding, and being

understood by the world around him. He holds three degrees; a B.A. in German-Jewish History from The University of Connecticut, an M.A. in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies with a concentration in Post-Holocaust Literature (also from UCONN) and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Transpersonal Psychology from John F. Kennedy University.

You will often hear Etai say that he plays with languages. He currently plays in the sandbox of anywhere between eight to ten languages with varying degrees of success. Etai’s Corner is a labor of love, dedicated to demystifying disability and fostering authentic connection worldwide.

Please click on the link below to connect with Etai and learn more about Etai's Corner, such as his Facebook page, Instagram and Youtube channel. Go and show him some love!

zoom screenshot of German TV Club discussion of Dark Netflix, 4 people attending and smiling

Etai has been an invaluable Language TV Club host. He has hosted German TV Club four times to date. First, he guided us through the ups and downs of Das Letze Wort (The Last Word). Then, he took on the mind-bending, time-traveling fantasy series called Dark and has hosted the German TV Club with Dark for two seasons and is adding season 3 to the mix starting in August. This show is absolutely twisted and Etai has made it fun for his group members to discuss such complicated concepts in their new language!

What TV club members have to say about Etai:

“Etai did a fantastic job with the episode guides. I’d already watched this series once before, but his episode guides helped me pick up on things I had missed the first time through.”

“Thank you so much Etai. The questions were very thought-provoking and encouraged some tricky answers!”

“Wir danken Etai herzlich für seine tolle Gruppenführung und die super Fragen!”

Want to join Etai for a German TV Club? Head to the booking page to see if it is currently available. Have some great things to say about Etai? Leave your comment below!

Thank you Etai for being such a wonderful Language TV Club host!

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Gosia Rokicka
Gosia Rokicka
Jun 21, 2022

Thank you, Etai, for being such a lovely host and also participant! You are a pillar of this lovely community :)


Etai Nahary
Etai Nahary
Jun 20, 2022

Thank you so much for the kind words. It has been an honor and a privilege to be part of such a warm, welcoming community. Each new club has been an adventure and I look forward to many more adventures to come!

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