5 Steps for Picking the Best Show for Learning X Language

Want to learn a language by watching T.V.? It doesn’t matter if you’re learning English, Spanish, Korean, or Swahili, here are 5 tips to help you pick the best show to learn X language (I don’t say “any” language here, because there are thousands of endangered languages out there that do not have t.v. shows or even writing systems in some cases).

woman sitting on couch with remote choosing best show to learn a language

1. Choose your streaming service.

There are quite a few streaming services out there, but how many offer multiple languages? According to the site What’s On Netflix, there are about 62 languages available (these are the primary languages of the shows or movies) on Netflix. There are more if you include the dubbing and subtitle options. Youtube is another great option, with over 80 languages supported for searching content (according to Omicore), and it is free! If you’re looking for more anime content, you may want to look into Crunchyroll. If you are focusing on an Asian language, such as Chinese, Thai, Japanese or Korean, check out Viki. A promising streaming service with focus on the African diaspora is KweliTV, though it does not seem that you can search for series by language here just yet.

The message here is that you should look into what content is available in the language you are learning before subscribing to a specific streaming service. Many shows are available on the free Youtube, so that is always a good place to start. If you want to find more of the popular series that people are talking about, Netflix may be worth the investment. Where do you watch T.V. already? Start there.

German tv show Dark on Netflix